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One of the main reasons people join a Union is for protection at work. UNISON is there to protect your best interests at work. As a union we are very active and have great expertise on health & safety and other workplace issues. All our H&S reps are trained by the TUC supported by Regional and National officers.

If you want information on: Asbestos, Bullying, Harassment, Stress, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), Risk Assessment, Temperatures, Slips Trips and falls, Workplace Health & Safety, Hazardous Substances, Manual handling. In fact ANY Health & Safety issue contact the Branch 0113 2064369.

Workers Memorial Day:

Workers Memorial Day

Health & Safety news

Two UNISON H&S reps now prominent in LTH Staff Side H&S Group (8/9/17)

Two UNISON Health and Safety reps are now in prominent positions on the Leeds Teaching Staff Side Health and Safety group. Ian Dixon has been elected Chair,  whilst John Ingleson is secretary to the reformed group.

UNISON reps have worked with the employer to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries (whilst disposing of rubbish) at ST James's via newly purchased specialised gloves which protect from wrongly disposed of sharps. We have also ensured a more direct reporting structure is in place. This has come at a cost to the employer so it is with credit to the work of the individual rep and the management team who have taken this risk seriously and taken the appropriate steps.

Doors at the Bexley Wing have also been identified as a risk to portering staff and patients. Due to the matter being raised at the trust's Health and Safety Committee a new working group has been formed to address the issue with a long term maintenance and replacement programme.

If you have any Health and Safety issues then please call the branch on 0113 2064369.


Health & Safety News - UNISON LTHT (15/05/17)

Health & Safety News - UNISON LTHT

It’s all go regarding Health and Safety matters within branch. The staff side Health and safety group has stopped functioning. This is due to many factors including activists retiring.

Staff side is an amalgamation of all the unions within the trust, and it makes sense to work in partnership to resolve any issues in the workplace.

I am happy to report that UNISON have played a lead role in re starting this committee and the first meeting is due to take place on June 6th. Hopefully from this meeting new officers will be elected, and the committee will take an active lead in ensuring staff safety throughout the trust.

In local news UNISON had a report from theatre staff and radiology assistants working in the MRI unit at the LGI regarding specialised patient trolleys which weren’t height adjustable. This contravenes moving and handling guidelines and compromises staff safety.

Working in partnership with clinicians, and a very responsive management team we have just received communication that a new height adjustable trolley has been ordered. This is a small example of how we can help members achieve a healthier workplace by working in tandem with all interested parties.


European Health & Safety Week - every year in October

This year’s European Health and Safety Week starts on 22 October. It is vital that all parts of the union start planning for the week now, so that we can use it to make real health and safety gains for our members.The Week aims to raise awareness and promote activities to make work safer and healthier, forming part of a larger ongoing campaign.

This year's European theme is "Working Together for Risk Prevention". This reflects the fact that workplaces with genuine joint working on health and safety are better at identifying, managing, and finding solutions to workplace hazards.

Workplaces with active involved trade union safety reps are twice as safe as those without. Workplaces which have the leadership positively supporting health and safety from the top also perform better.With the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and local authorities suffering severe cut backs, employers should make good use of their own internal experts - the local union safety reps and the workers themselves. As the HSE frequently points out, workers and their safety reps may identify hazards, risks, and potential solutions, or failings in current safety measures, that have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Check out the UNISON website for more information.

Check out the HSE website for more info. Or European Agency for safety and Health at Work.

Score your workplace out of 10 - you might be surprised!

Score you workplace out of 10.

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Complete the UNISON Safer Maintenance Workforce Survey - and see how safe your workplace is. Click here to download the survey.

Workers Memorial Day - every year on 28th April

Each year on 28 April, International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD) is marked around the world to Remember the dead, Fight for the living. We remember those killed, made ill, or injured by their own or someone else’s work. Their pain and suffering and that of their families deserves not to be forgotten. We also renew our commitment to, and demand once more, safe and healthy work for all. Far too many workers and their families suffer each and every year.

UNISON has supported and promoted WMD for many years. Following a resolution by the National Delegate Conference, this developed into our popular campaign for the official commemoration of the Day. UNISON spoke to MPs, wrote to the government, and sought the support of the TUC and other unions to join the campaign.

UNISON branches, safety activists, and stewards were key to showing the strength of demand for this cause. Each year they organised bigger, better, and more events to mark the Day. Or they joined and organised local and regional events, or developed health and safety initiatives with their employers.

Get in touch with your branch to get involved.

Become a Health & Safety Rep

Become a Safety Rep and help make your workplace safer and healthier. Safety Reps make workplaces safer! That is the official line of the HSE after it conducted a survey of workplaces. Where workplaces have an active safety rep workplaces are much more safer that non-union workplaces who don't have safety reps.

Also, safety reps have more rights than other workers. Safety reps are entitled to paid time off to carry out their health and safety role, time off for training with no loss of pay, facilities and information from the employer to carry out inspections.

Check out the national site resources here...

To find out more about becoming a Safety Representative in your workplace contact the branch office on 0113 2064369 or

Resources for Health & Safety Reps

Useful Health and Safety guidelines

As well as offering direct support at work and campaigning at a local and national level, UNISON produces a wide range of guidance documents which cover many health and safety issues. If you’re looking for up to date information on a particular health and safety topic, you should start with these documents. ( Some guides are for UNISON members only - so to access them you will need to sign in to 'my UNISON')

Back pain health and safety information sheet [PDF] Content is member only, please sign in to access it.

Dermatitis health and safety information sheet [PDF]

Drug and alcohol abuse health and safety information sheet [PDF] Content is member only, please sign in to access it.

Eye tests and VDUs health and safety information sheet [PDF]

Fire safety health and safety information sheet [PDF] Content is member only, please sign in to access it.

First aid at work health and safety information sheet [PDF]

Gloves health and safety information sheet [PDF]

Legionnaires disease health and safety information sheet [PDF]

Leptospirosis health and safety information sheet [PDF]

MRSA health and safety information sheet [PDF] Content is member only, please sign in to access it.

Noise at work health and safety information sheet [PDF] Content is member only, please sign in to access it.

Overcrowding health and safety information sheet [PDF]

RSI health and safety information sheet [PDF]

Slips and trips health and safety information sheet  [PDF] Content is member only, please sign in to access it.

Smoking at work health and safety information sheet [PDF] Content is member only, please sign in to access it.

Temperature at work health and safety information sheet [PDF] Content is member only, please sign in to access it.

UNISON inspection notices health and safety information sheet [PDF]

Working at height health and safety information sheet [PDF] Content is member only, please sign in to access it.

Temperature at work, bullying and where to find out more
  • Bullying at Work
    Bullying and harassment in the workplace is spiralling out of control. Stress and illness, mental and physical, is the usual result for those being bullied and this becomes part of their daily life. Many people are left to just suffer in silence.

    A recent UNISON survey shows that many feel that they have no option but to take sick leave, while others are forced to leave their jobs. Bullying should never be tolerated, and victims should be supported and encouraged to report any incidents.
    Find out more
  • Extensive Health and safety resource
    You can find a wealth of useful information on our national website. Click here.

UNISON Welfare

There for you (UNISON Welfare) is UNISON's own registered charity offering a unique confidential service supplying advice and support just for UNISON members and their families.

Financial Advice: If you are a member and you are experiencing financial difficulties, whatever the circumstances, There for You can offer you support.

Wellbeing Breaks: Wellbeing breaks can provide welcome relief from stress and respite from difficult circumstances. We can help you towards the costs of a break, depending on your financial situation.

General advice: There for You provides a confidential service for members over the phone or in person if you are experiencing personal difficulties.

UNISON Debtline: The service is available to all our members to help you manage money and deal with debt. We offer free confidential advice to help you clear your debts.

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