Protect our pensions

UNISON is working to defend good pension schemes and improve and promote affordable, decent pensions for all our members, wherever you work.

NHS Pension

Pensions guideThe NHS Pension Sheme dates back to 1948. It is a statutory (scheme rules are enshrined in law, as opposed to a trust deed), occupational (connected to NHS employment) scheme.

 It is a voluntary scheme in which members can join at any time during their employment within the NHS.

UNISON campaigning to protect our pensions

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Public sector pensions are making the headlines and UNISON continues to fight to defend our members' pensions against government attacks. The Tory-led coalition wants you to work longer, pay more and get less, while bankers continue to rake in millions in bonuses.

That's not fair and we will fight them.

Pension_placardThe key threats are:

  • Higher pension contributions
  • Increases in retirement age
  • All 27 of the Hutton Commission recommendations - closing the current schemes and creating new ones
  • The end of pension protection if you face privatisation
  • The change to annual pension increases from RPI to CPI